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New Zealand has different horticulture regions. Their unique weather conditions mean different crops grow throughout the year in each region. The wide range of regions and crops means there are jobs for temporary workers for most months of the year. Come back to this website regularly to find work all year round.

Seasonal workers travel between the regions in different seasons to make the most of New Zealand and check back regularly to to find jobs on the harvest trail, in hospitality or in tourism all over New Zealand. In each of the regions there is accommodation close to the work. Check out our accommodation page.

At times regions may not have any jobs listed, check back another time to find jobs in the region or select another region to find work. You can find out more information about Seasonal Work availability at


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Aimee's Story

Aimee grew up doing Seasonal work in Marlbourgh

I grew up in Marlborough, where Seasonal Work is a way of life. Each and every summer I marched out into the vineyards, sun-block smeared across my forehead, gloves at the ready, hoping to gain new friends, some more work experience, some cash to burn, and most importantly, a sun-tan. 

What I gained from seasonal work was all that and more. I gained character. Working outdoors in the elements can have its ups and downs but at the end of the day itís always worth it. You retreat back out of the sun to wherever it is you came from and enjoy a fantastic glass of Marlborough wine, quietly wondering whether the grapes that went into the wine came from a plant that was once tended by your own hands in summers passed. 

The people from all walks of life who join you working along those long rows of endless summers will stay with you forever. For several summers I watched a friendship blossom between myself and two friends as we bud-rubbed and wire-lifted away our days together. Those girls are now young women, and will be escorting me down the aisle as my bridesmaids in January. I watched a romance grow as two people working together over the summer leaned over the wires and whispered things to one another. They are still in Love and still spend their summers working together as a couple, 5 years on. One year I worked with a Tongan family for a few weeks and learned things about their language and culture that helps me relate to people in many situations. 

Those people who have experienced seasonal jobs like me will agree that although it feels like you are just picking up a bit of work over a period of time, and although it feels like a temporary state that will be gone and forgotten, this is not true. Seasonal jobs COULD change your very life as you know it. 

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Ian's Story 

Ian is the Seasonal Labor Coordinator for Tauranga

It's not easy for a backpacker or a student to find a job doing seasonal work picking fruit or packing fruit in the horticulture industry at the moment. It is between seasons for kiwifruit, but there may be a better chance of finding work in the South Island in the vineyards where demand for workers for thinning and pruning is starting to increase.  Pickers will not be required until the harvest season in late summer.

It may be easier to find a job in hospitality in a café or a bar or a restaurant, particularly if you have had experience as a waiter, cook or barista. Check out the shop window of the Café's they often advertise for temporary staff.

Many of the backpackers hostels also have good arrangements with local employers who need backpackers or casual staff for just a few days or a week or two.

It will be easier to find a job as summer approaches, but with the approach of the summer vacation there will also be a large number of University students who are also looking for work over the holiday period. You might be lucky and find a job very easily but for most traveling jobseekers your best chance of success is to keep checking if you have your work visa, your IRD number, your own transport and make sure you keep checking

Michael's Story - Otago trip

There is heaps of seasonal work and seasonal jobs in New Zealand. I went for a tour of the South Island last Spring and found that the tourism and agriculture around Marlbourough and Otago was in great shape, even through the recession. I met lots of backpackers looking for work.

I drove all the way from Wellington to Queenstown and somewhere I could definitely recommend a visit after a hard days on the orchards is

Hot Tubs Omarama

All around the region there is plenty of work and plenty to see and do. There were seasonal jobs in Otago, Queenstown and Alexandra. I visted employers in all those regions and everyone was so nice and so keen to chat. Southerners are real friendly people.

The summerfruit season was just starting in the Central Otago region. There are fruits like cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines. Check for central Otago jobs here.

Lots of the backpacker work was all based around the town of Alexandra - a pretty little place between Queenstown and Dunedin.