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A Job at An Online Casino: Learn Everything About It

The online casino industry is fast-paced and constantly expanding with new operators popping up almost daily. In view of the size of the market and its potential, you might be wondering if you should consider pursuing a job or a career there. This is what this article is going to discuss.

Learn about specific job opportunities offered by the top online casino operators in New Zealand. We hope our review helps you understand the industry and allows you to make an informed choice about pursuing this kind of job.

Types of Jobs

We will discuss in detail the types of jobs offered by the top NZ online casinos. We will try to include the most common ones, because there are dozens more that are more specialised.

Some online casinos offer remote work whereas you can work from home, while others require to be present at a physical office. This depends on the employer.

PS: Depending on the size of the operation, some casinos might not offer these specific job opportunities.

Customer Support

The most popular job listing is for customer support staff. You have to answer customer inquiries, either by picking up phone calls, responding to emails, or chatting live. A lot of online casinos NZ have 24/7 chatlines, which means that you might have night shifts (depending on how you negotiate your contract).

You have to be a very patient person for this type of job, because you will sometimes deal with angry customers. You should also be acquainted with the available casino games as sometimes people might ask you game-related questions. Last, but not least, you should know how to provide quick and viable solutions to the customers, which takes practice.

Technical Support

Technical support ensures that everything in an online casino runs smoothly. Sometimes the same people are responsible for all types of technical support in a casino, and sometimes each team is responsible for a specific task.

These tasks include, but are not limited to, checking for and solving lags (website lags, game lags etc.), fixing bugs in games and payments, fixing overall issues in websites and mobile platforms/apps. As a member of the technical support staff, you’ll work closely with customer support who will let you know about any technical issues experienced by players.

The technical support staff should always be available, which means there would be night shifts for some.


The most important thing for a casino is to be safe and secure. That’s why you need a dedicated team of security experts to ensure that’s the case. Let us briefly explain some of the tasks undertaken by security experts.

Data encryption, using technology like SSL and HTTPS, makes sure that the information is properly stored and safe. A security expert will regularly check the data encryption to make sure it works properly.

A security expert prevents data leaks, keeping private personal information private. They also prevent theft of finances, either belonging to the casino or to individual players. Security experts are the bane of the online casino’s existence, because a massive hack might put an end to all operations.

Web and Graphic Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a common saying, but it doesn’t stop people from doing just that. The best casinos have brilliant layouts and gorgeous graphics, which is the first thing a potential customer notices about them. Web and graphic designers are always needed and they’ll be responsible for developing a beautiful and functional website.

App Creating, Design, and Support

Many NZ online casinos nowadays have native apps, which keeps up with the changing times. Thus, there are dedicated teams whose job is to create a fantastic app (software, design, and everything in-between) and keep it that way. There might also be separate technical support and customer support divisions for apps.

Marketing and Advertising

Even if an online casino is brilliant, it would make no difference if nobody knows about. That’s where marketing and advertising come to the rescue.

This is a very broad job category, because it includes everything like researching the market, coming up with a pitch, creating and distributing promotional material and making deals with social media platforms and/or television networks.

Sometimes, an online casino chooses to export some of these roles to professional marketing and ad agencies, but again, it all depends on the specific role and the specific online casino. Salaries naturally vary due to the variety of job opportunities in this sector.


There are too many managerial positions to list here and detail, so let us give you a brief look. Each division of the online casino workforce is going to have a manager (e.g., manager of customer support, technical manager etc.).

There could be game-specific managers like a blackjack manager (similar to land-based casinos) whose sole task is to ensure the blackjack games run smoothly. There is always a compliance manager who ensures all casino operations abide to local gambling laws.

There is also the affiliate manager, an important role within a company, who works within a complex affiliate network, which is responsible for referring new customers to the casino.


Salaries greatly vary within an online casino. The lowest paid workers are the customer support staff, while the highest paid staff is the managerial staff. Other high-paying positions are those responsible for the casino software, whether that position be in development or security.

Make sure to always ask about your salary and bonuses at an interview. Don’t undersell yourself and your labour.