About Us: The Story of the Blog Creators

Hello again and welcome, dear readers! You have probably already read our first post, the welcome post, so you know what the main idea of the blog is, but you might want to know how we came up with it and why we think it’s important to have a blog like that on the Internet.

We also wanted to tell you a little bit more about us, so we are not just some omnipotent anonymous presence, but real people with goals and ambitions like you. Hence why, we decided to dedicate this section of the blog to responding to all these questions and many more you might have.

Our Career Journey

Let us begin by saying that neither one of us is from New Zealand, but we have already accumulated enough experience in the work force to know the ropes around here. We are originally from the United Kingdom, and we met when we did seasonal work in New Zealand.

For us, it was a summer job, but we actually went during the New Zealand winter season (June/July to September). We all went to the same university in the UK and since we were a pretty tight friends group, we decided to all go to New Zealand to make some extra cash during our break, and of course, to get to know another country and its people.

We were lucky to find employment in the same ski resort, Cardrona, which is the most popular skiing destination in the island country. It’s also one filled with people our age, so we knew we could party once the workday ended.

Not only did we have the time of our lives and made enough money to afford nice things for when we go back home, but we also loved working there. The working conditions, the employers, the clients, everything felt almost too good to be true. That’s why we chose to return to Cardrona the next year and we had the same positive experiences.

Initially, we didn’t consider moving to New Zealand after graduation; we all thought that we were going to start our professional lives at home, in the UK. However, we struggled to find well-paying jobs immediately after graduation (like many other of our peers) and we decided to give New Zealand a go.

We were surprised how easy it was to land a job in the IT industry (we all share this degree) and how much cheaper life was in New Zealand. The three of us moved in a big apartment in Auckland and we not only loved our new jobs, but we also loved how little money we were spending on rent, utilities, and groceries.

Why We Made This Blog

We thought it would be nice to share our own experiences with other people who are considering entering the New Zealand workforce, whether as a native or a foreigner. This is why we decided to create this blog that would give more information about the various industries, temporary jobs, and careers in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s government is famous for its transparency, its dedication to workers and employers, and of course, its favourable attitude to business ownership, which makes it one of the world leaders in economic freedom.

In addition, the New Zealand economy reaches new heights every day, so the country is poised to become (if it’s not already) one of the best places to work in the world. It’s needless to say how beautiful and peaceful it is, and how famous it is for protecting its citizens’ and residents’ civil liberties.

All this influenced us in our decision to move to New Zealand permanently. This might not be the choice that you make, but you can still find the information on this blog valuable and interesting, so we are here to cater for you too.

As a closing statement, we wish to thank you all for the support that you express by visiting our modest blog and reading our articles. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!